Surefire! Is the name you need to remember?  Surefire flashlight is the flashlight I got when I became a Sheriff’s Deputy and surefire flashlight is what I got from the Military when I left for deployment serving Operation Enduring Freedom!  So what does this all mean?  Well Surefire makes one of the best compact flashlights you will ever need!!!! and they also stand behind their product.

Just think, when you need to grab a flashlight and hold it in one hand and a pistol in the other there is no time to adjust and fit the big Mag light fit other purposes.  The Mag light is the all-purpose flashlight for everything under the sun, but for a light weight/compact flashlight you need to turn to the Surefire.

I carry two Surefire flashlights, they are:


G2X™ Tactical Single-Output LED

320.0 lumens               2.5 hours                     1.25 inches                  5.20 inches

Max Output                Tactical Runtime         Bezel Dia.                   Length


Surefire 6P

Max Output — White Light 65 .0 lumens
Tactical Runtime* 1 .0 hours
Length 5 .20 inches
Bezel Diameter 1 .25 inches
Weight w/Batteries 5 .2 ounces
Batteries 2 123A


The G2 runs anywhere from $95.00 – $110.00 dollars.  The Surefire 6P is the one I mainly carry with me at all times and this one runs around $120.00 dollars.  On my 6P, I have attach the lens with a cover to change the light to red or any other color that I would like.

Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to give you a few tips I have learned along the way when you use the flashlight.

First, you hear a noise in the house after you have gone to bed, you reach for you GLOCK pistol (lol…) and your Surefire flashlight.  What now? How do you hold the gun and flashlight? I will discuss this in a later article, I want to show you how to SHINE the light!  Did you know that there is an art to shinning the flashlight? This is true; a lot of people believe that if you turn it on and shine it in the direction you want to go will work well enough!  That is NOT true.  Look at the examples in the pictures:

Surefire-2        Surefire-3

So you can see here that we are using the Surefire Tactical 6P and pointing it in the direction I want to walk, or searching for someone.  Do you see that, yes it lights up and focuses to one area.  But now look at what happens when you do something different:

Surefire-4         Surefire-5

Wow, is that amazing!  Look at the difference, can you tell?  All I did is point the flashlight to the ceiling and look how the light is projected.  Did you know that if you point the flashlight to the ceiling it will light up the area well enough that if you were looking behind the couch, table and/or the bed it can show you the area.  If you just point the flashlight in the direction you want it will leave certain areas out and still dark, then what? You could get shot and we do not want that to happen!

Note:   Who knows their house the best? You so do not shine the flashlight unless you know for sure where you want to shine it.  Because you will lose the advantage of night vision, but then shine it on the ceiling and light the whole room up to get that shot off!  Good luck and until next time.




One Comment on “Surefire – Do you own one?

  1. Surefire makes great lights! Hope one becomes attached to the Glock one day. In the meantime I’m enjoying a Streamlight Pro Tac AA. Thanks for the tip on lighting up the ceiling!


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