Photo by Luke Graham

Photo by Luke Graham

Have you ever had a pair of Military boots that just felt like a pair of tennis shoes?  Well, if not then this REVIEW is for you!  READ, SHARE and explore!

As I walked as slow as I could, “Stalking” some would call it.  Hearing every little noise around me, except my own steps.   Crazy huh!  I had just gotten these boots from Bates and figured they needed to be worn in first before deploying them in the field.  But I had know chose in the matter, my other boots were ripped and need to use one of them.  So I took the chance and put the Delta 8 boots from Bates on and then left for the mission.

I could hear a faint sound coming directly in front of me.  Delta 8 bootIt sounded as if it is moving away from me.  Bingo! This is what I was looking for.  I was here to do a job and now I found what I was looking for and I was not to far behind it.  Moving in the same direction of the noise, I continued to move slow.  All of the sudden, I could hear what sounded like car engines as well as car doors shutting.  I knew this is it!  I slowed my pace down a bit until I could what looked like a fire and several cars.  That is when I went to my knees and then laid in the prone position as I crawled a little more forward into a position I could fire my rifle from.  That’s right! My rifle.  Just then I was close enough to take a shot.

I posted my feet down with the toes out and I couldn’t stop thinking about how comfortable these boots were and that they were not even broke in yet!  Okay, I need to focus now.  Ready my rifle and…….


Sorry folks but had to stop and talk about how awesome these Delta 8 boots are from Bates.  Yes, Bates have been the supplier to the Military for years and one thing they always think of, is quality over quantity.  I can tell you when they made the Delta 8 boot, they found out what it means to be comfortable in the field.

3aBates placed a adjustable ICS (Individual Comfort System) sole in the Delta 8 boot to allow comfort.  The Individual Comfort System from Bates can be adjusted for each individual’s unique comfort tastes and requirements. The dial technology offers an effective way for consumers to define all-day comfort on their own terms. The adjustable comfort dial is built directly into the midsole of the shoe and is easily rotated to rest at one of four zones: the Firm Zone increases energy return and maximizes all-day support’ the Outward Zone reduces outward tilt and encourages natural walking motion and stability; the Cushion Zone increases heel cushioning and maximizes shock absorption; and the Inward Zone reduces inward tilt and encourages natural walking motion and stability.

2a     4a

WOW! What a design for a boot that is deployed in the field!  Here is what Bates says about the Delta 8 boot:

A breakthrough in advanced comfort and technology, Bates iCS allows Delta 8 bootyou to select your level of comfort with an adjustable disc located inside the boot.

• Durable Rough Side Out Leather and Nylon Upper
• Breathable Moisture Wicking Lining
• Insole Features Bates iCS Disc for Adjustable Comfort
• Durable Vibram® Mutant Rubber Outsole
• Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Okay, now please slow down the drool from the corners of your mouth.  Bates will get you the perfect pair when you order these.  So swing over to Bates website and order the Delta 8 today!  Until next time………….


        Delta 8 boot   Click for Bates, Delta 8 Boot


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