woundsAre you tiered of getting the same generic medical bag the Military gives you?  Well if you are then you need to check this article out!!  READ and SHARE.

“BANG, BANG, BANG” was the sound I heard up stairs echoing through the ship.  I took off running in the sound of the noise with my Chief.  Running up the small stair case to where the engine room was, I could see two of our men were down from gun fire and did not see the shooter.  I slowed way down and through some hand signals to my Chief letting him know what I had saw and also motioned him to spread out.  I called over the radio for the medic to come to our location fast and that we had men down.  Chief and I continued to clear the area.


The Medic comes running in (if you have ever been in combat, you know the medic’s do not care as long as they can get to the down solider).  He immediately grabs one of the down men and moves him to a safe area looking him over to determines his injuries.  Then grabs the other man and pulls him off line and quickly determines who needs immediate care.  The Medic reaches for the injured mans small medic pack (MYFAK pack) and pulled it right off the guy.  MYMEDIC has a small medic pack called MYFAK and not only does it connect to the Tactical Vest via straps weaved through the webbing, but you can quickly take it off in time of an emergency from velcro.  Back to 4cc9adb89b8f6960960f21be7fe85d37the action- After ripping off the pack, the Medic quickly opens it up and starts to attend to the wounds.  With the same pack in hand, the Medic turns around and helps with the other man down!  Man, could you believe that there was enough in this little pack to help out with both wounded men?  As the Medic was doing triage, he here’s the sound of several guns shots and then the sound of, “all clear!”  The Medic knew right then everything was going to be fine and able to get these guys out a live.

5-challenges-medics-1MAN! Didn’t that rock!!  One thing is for sure is that for EVERY tactical vest, there should be a medical pouch on it.  But the one you need is from MYMEDIC.  This pouch was designed for the combat medic, EMT, or just the pain old civilian who knows that one time or another someone or some body will get hurt.  How’s the saying go? it’s not when, but how bad!  MYMEDIC has this MYFAK small bag to fit perfect on any style of vest, car, back, hiking backpack or just the mother at a soccer game!  Check out what MYMEDIC has to say about it:

my_medic_frak-33_webres_1200xThe MyFAK – My First Aid Kit – was designed with three goals: Adaptive – Functional – Indestructible. This First Aid Kit can be used in anywhere from a day at the park with the kids, a multi-day backpacking adventure, or off-road in your Jeep. If you’re out there doing it the MyFAK will be there for you.

Two distinct levels have been developed by our team of Experts. The MyFAK can be used anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.

You can also buy everything separately if you want just the bag or just the supplies!


+ Heavy-Duty Carry Handle

+ 1000 Denier Ballistic Nylon

+ Instant Access Rip-Away Velcro Panel

+ Fold-Out Detachable Mesh Pocket

+ D-Rings to Attach Shoulder Strap

+ 5 Colors to Choose From

+ Weather Resistant

+ NTOA Approved

+ OSHA & ANSI Approved

+ FSA/HSA Approved Purchase


Dimensions | 4 in. x 6.75 in. x 7.75 in. | 209.25 cu. in.

Weight | Bag | 362 grams | 0.8 lbs.

Weight | Basic Supplies | 759 grams | 1.675 lbs.

Weight | Premium Supplies | 1085 grams | 2.39 lbs.

Weight | Basic Kit | 1117 grams | 2.46 lbs.

Weight | Premium Kit | 1460 grams | 3.21 lbs.

my_medic_frak-62_webres_600xCan you believe that!  I know I can not.  But wait, there is tons more to follow.  Are you sitting at home, barracks, airports or whatever wondering what comes in this AMAZING packs?  Here is what comes in the Basic pack you can buy:

[1] Celox® | Granules | 2 gram

[2] Liquid Skin® | 5 gram

[1] Dyna Stopper Bandage | 9 in. x 5.5 in.

[1] Gauze Roll | 3 in. x 12.3 ft.

[4] Gauze Pad | 2 in. x 2 in.

[4] Gauze Pad | 4 in. x 4 in.

[3] Secure Strips | 0.25 in. x 3 in.

[2] Curad® Performance Series Antibacterial Bandage | 2 in. x 4 in.

[2] Curad® Performance Series Antibacterial Knuckle Bandage | 1.5 in. x 3 in.

[2] Curad® Performance Series Antibacterial Fingertip Bandage | 1.75 in. x 2 in.

[2] Curad® Performance Series Antibacterial Knee & Elbow Bandage | 3 in. x 3 in.

[4] Curad® Performance Series Antibacterial Bandages | 1 in. x 3.25 in.

[2] Burn Jel®

[1] CPR Shield

[1] Acti-Splint | Finger

[1] Triangular Bandage | Woven

[1] Elastic Bandage | Velcro | 2 in. x 5 ft.

[1] Vaseline

[2] Sunscreen

[2] Lip Guard | Chapstick

[2] BZK Wipes | Antiseptic

[2] Medicaine® | Sting + Bite

[2] Alcohol Prep Pads | Large

[2] Oral Pain Relief | Generic Orajel

[2] P.A.W.S.® | Hand Sanitizing Wipes

[2] Triple Antibiotic | Generic Neosporin®

[2] Hydrocortisone Cream | Skin Irritations + Allergies

[2] SALJET® Bullet | 30 ml | Sterile Saline Topical Solution

[2] APAP | Generic Tylenol® | Headache + Fever + Pain

[2] Cold Relief | Generic Tylenol® Cold

[1] Benadryl® | Allergies | 25 mg x2

[2] Diotame® | Generic Pepto-Bismol® | Upset Stomach

[4] Ibuprofen | Generic Advil® + Motrin® | Pain + Fever + Inflammation

[1] Outdoor Adventure First Aid Guide

[1] Survival Rescue Blanket

[1] Rescue Whistle

[1] Pen Light

[1] Thermometer | Digital

[1] EMT Shears | 7.25 in.

[2] Moleskin | Blister Protection

[2] Nitrile Gloves | Large | Black

[1] Tweezers | Stainless + Non-Magnetic

[1] Waterproof Tape | 1 in. x 2.5 yds.

[1] MyFAK bag


NOW! Take a breath of air and calm down.  That was just in the basic pouch (MYFAK)  Are you ready to take the plunge?  EVERY Shooter, mom and Medic needs one for Christmas.  Check out MYMEDIC  website and order one now! Until next time!…………….


Click for MYFAK




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