Only in Texas!!! Watch the video

Fort Worth SWAT Deploys New, Non-Lethal Weapon to Lasso Suspects

Part Spiderman, part Batman, device shoots out rope that wraps around target

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Arvensis Family Benchmade

So, Benchmade has a lot of knives on their website, but out of all of them, The Arvensis knife is the knife to have!  Check out this article:

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The Jame Bond tool you need – Sparrow Locks

Are you a spy?  Do you want to be a spy?  Either way, you really need to see what this article is all about.  Like the Scout’s motto – Be prepared!  Yes for every situation -Read below.

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Apache Dawn – Tops Knives

Once again, TOPs Knives has proven that the quality of their knives is top-notch.  Check out the article below!  This is something you do not want to miss.

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Designated Marksman Data Log Book

Expeditionary DMHave you ever wondered what is in a EDM (Expeditionary Designated Marksman) data book?  I call it my, “dope book.”  To tell you the truth, it really is the Marksman preference to what goes in his/or her data book.  One of the most important thing you need Continue reading “Designated Marksman Data Log Book”


M1050r LRF on deployment Part 1


photo by Luke Graham

Who is the number one in Military range finders?  Steiner that’s who!  YOU need to check out this M1050 LRF.  Read and Share it!

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ZT KnivesHave you ever used a Tomahawk before?  Well you need to see this REVIEW on the Kershaw’s Tomahawk the “SIEGE” from Kershaw Knives.

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OVERWHITES SET turned into a Ghillies?- YETI

This is unbelievable!  Check this out and do not forget to share.

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Thin Blue Line Pattern Holster

Image result for Core Holster in Thin Blue Line PatternAre you a Police Officer? Deputy? Are just someone who gives a dang about how this country was founded on?  Well, when you see this holster, you will turn some heads!  Remember to always share the article.

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The Mildot Master

The Mildot Master-1What a wonderful Snipers tool to have, “The Mildot Master.”  The Mildot Master is an analog calculator (slide rule) that is primarily designed to rapidly provide range to target by aligning the estimated target size directly Continue reading “The Mildot Master”


Can your gloves live up to VBSS?

Ambrose-6284Yes VBSS! Non-Visit Board Search & Seizure the way it needs to be.  Read and Share this outstanding review on the Mechanix Wear glove!

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Have you been stung by the Scorpion – Fighting Video

dsc_0070-2Are you a knife fighter like myself?  Well, whether you are a fight fighter, person who carries knives or a collector, you really need to check this out!

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