What would Today be without a Sniper Video!



Zero Tolerance Model 0909! Practical Application w/Video.

ZT knivesThis is a great review on the ZT knife 0909, as well as the technique using the knife!  Great Job and a must Read!!

When you are a knife fighter like myself, the one thing you look for (if it is a folding knife)in a knife, is how Continue reading “Zero Tolerance Model 0909! Practical Application w/Video.”

Instructor Zero – Enjoy the video



Introduction -TOPS Knives “Zero Dark 30” part 1

Ambrose-6351Do you need a knife that can do it all?  Well then TOPS Knives has the one for you!  It is called: Zero Dark Thirty!  Check out the review

As a professional Martial Artist as well as a Special Operations Tactical Knife Fighter Instructor their are Continue reading “Introduction -TOPS Knives “Zero Dark 30” part 1″


New – “Drone Hunter” video

OMG!  You have to see this! Click to watch the video Continue reading “New – “Drone Hunter” video”


Sniper of the week – Craig Harrison

Craig Harrison

The dial on his huge watch is permanently set to “TIME TO KICK ASS”.  Craig Harrison is a hardcore, heavily-tattooed British sniper who Continue reading “Sniper of the week – Craig Harrison”


Vortex – Gold Eagle

I had a wonderful opportunity to field test a friend’s Vortex Golden Eagle scope.  I am not a competition shooter; I am not really a long-range shooter.  I am an avid hunter who Continue reading “Vortex – Gold Eagle”


Can you handle, “Total Terrain?”

Do you know what “Total Terrain” is?  Well you need to check this out!

Dropping to a knee with the M4 off to the side, thinking of which way I should be going.  Looking to my left I can see a Continue reading “Can you handle, “Total Terrain?””


Russian Counter Terror training with Vickers Video

Russian Counter Terror training with Vickers Enjoy the video


Have you heard about the 0180? ZT Knives Part 1

One thing about ZT Knives,is that they do not mess around with knives.  Check out their model 0180!  You will not be disappointed.

Zero Tolerance is an American arm of the Kai-USA Ltd corporation of Continue reading “Have you heard about the 0180? ZT Knives Part 1”

Snipers Stalk and Kill Part 1 – Sniper Tuesday

Enjoy for our Sniper Tuesday!


Can you live up to – “Tactical Walls?”

tactical-walls-full-length-mirror-1450m-bundle-8Do you own one of the best wall safes around?  If not then this REVIEW is for you!  READ it and love it!

Putting the key in the door lock and opening the front door to my home from a long day of work, reaching over to the wall on

Continue reading “Can you live up to – “Tactical Walls?””