Soldier Makes History as First Woman to Join the Green Berets

An Army National Guard soldier marked a new milestone in the U.S. military Thursday by graduating from the grueling Special Forces Qualification Course (Q Course) to become the first woman to join the Green Berets. Continue reading “Soldier Makes History as First Woman to Join the Green Berets”


Intro to “The Vault” part 1

Okay all your James Bond spy’s out there.  When you need to look for training who do you turn to?  Well for all your tools you need to reach out Sparrow Locks.  This week we will be talking about the Continue reading “Intro to “The Vault” part 1″


Medal of Honor Florent A. Groberg


Unique-AR custom handguards to blow you away part 1

When you are looking to build that custom rifle for the first time, where do you start?  Well, the first place I started was with Continue reading “Unique-AR custom handguards to blow you away part 1”

The Mildot Master part one

The Mildot Master-1What a wonderful Snipers tool to have, “The Mildot Master.”  The Mildot Master is an analog calculator (slide rule) that is primarily designed to rapidly provide range to target by aligning the estimated target size directly Continue reading “The Mildot Master part one”


Medal of Honor William Shemin


Fighting with GTI Blades

dsc_0158-2Have you ever heard of White River Knives?  Well, GTI sells a set to impress!  Check it out.

GTI (Gingrich Tactical Innovations) is a company that you really Continue reading “Fighting with GTI Blades”


Can your gloves live up to VBSS?

Ambrose-6284Yes VBSS! Non-Visit Board Search & Seizure the way it needs to be.  Read and Share this outstanding review on the Mechanix Wear glove!

Hearing the water of the ocean, slapping on the side of the small boat we are riding in always sounds exciting to me.  Because I Continue reading “Can your gloves live up to VBSS?”


Are you a Viking? Tops Knives thinks so

The question is, are you a Viking?  One of the best thing that Tops Knives did was to partner up with Continue reading “Are you a Viking? Tops Knives thinks so”


Russia to Demonstrate Active Camouflage for Soldiers, Tanks

The camouflage will turn Russian soldiers, armored vehicles into chameleons.

Continue reading “Russia to Demonstrate Active Camouflage for Soldiers, Tanks”


Do you use Ballistic Breaching

ballistic breaching-3What is “Ballistic breaching?”  Well ballistic breaching is defined as: alternate means of gaining entry into a structure through an existing opening (door, or a window).

During an urban or maritime assault operation, ballistic breaching should never be considered

Continue reading “Do you use Ballistic Breaching”


ZT 0350TS

The Big! The Bad! The ZT 0350TS

ZT reaches out again and produces a hardy knife.  Check out the read below. Continue reading “ZT 0350TS”