Training for the Glock Pistol

glock-training-7Let us talk about safety first!

Most important safety on all weapons is your finger.  Keep it alongside the frame and completely out of the trigger guard until ready to fire.

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The Ghost bag for the elite!

What do you want when it comes to a “go bag/Transport bag?”  Well, check out this article to find out! Continue reading “The Ghost bag for the elite!”

Snipers Stalk and Kill Part 3 – Sniper Tuesday

Enjoy for our Sniper Tuesday!


The Gunfighter Belt from TYR Tactical

force-recon-m45cqbpDo you really know how to draw from the holster? Or do you think you know?  Well with the proper equipment and technique you can really learn how!  Read this review!  SHARE!!!!

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Special Forces of the week – Polish Special Forces video



“RRRRRRR” The AR gun build part 1 – Offhand gear

Hey, all you gun fanatics out there!  Are you wanting to build an AR?  Something different than the “norm.”  Well, then you need to check this article out in this spectacular Two-part series.

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“Pop Smoke now!” Part 1 of 3

Are you wanting “Smoke Grenades” as a civilian? Military? or Law Enforcement?  Then you need to read this REVIEW about Enola Gaye Smoke grenades.
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Sniper Tuesday – Remembering the Old Sniper | Shooting USA video

Nice!  Makes you want to tear up!

Monday News – British SAS Operator In Nairobi video

I know this was a while ago (Jan 2019), but I wanted to put it out anyway!  Great job!


Special Forces of the week – Brazilian Special Forces video



Intro to Pepperball part 1

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Their can be only one! Highlander

2Do you fit in with your, “Up-dated camo?”  If you are still wearing woodland then you need to read and buy!

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