TFB EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ethan Lessard of “Q” on the NEW 8.6 Creedmoor

8.6 CreedmoorIf you have not heard of “Q,” frankly, where have you been? They are the company with the BEST named Continue reading “TFB EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ethan Lessard of “Q” on the NEW 8.6 Creedmoor”



ZT KnivesHave you ever used a Tomahawk before?  Well you need to see this REVIEW on the Kershaw’s Tomahawk the “SIEGE” from Kershaw Knives.

While I was walking through this mountain region of Northern Afghanistan with my Continue reading “INTRODUCING THE SIEGE”


Arvensis Family Benchmade

So, Benchmade has a lot of knives on their website, but out of all of them, The Arvensis knife is the knife to have!  Check out this article:

On a clear moon lite night, as I stack next to the door, on the side where the hinges are located and seeing that the door will swing inward, I was in the right position for entry into the building. Thinking to Continue reading “Arvensis Family Benchmade”


Only in Texas!!! Watch the video

Fort Worth SWAT Deploys New, Non-Lethal Weapon to Lasso Suspects

Part Spiderman, part Batman, device shoots out rope that wraps around target

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Yes! Magpul has a dope book

Did you know Magpul has a Dope (Data) book?  Last year we did Magpul’s Hunter stock for a custom made REM 700 and with ever new rifle we need to dope it out!  Check out this article.  Do not forget to share…..

Just got my NEW Hunter Continue reading “Yes! Magpul has a dope book”


New furniture for the Mossberg

Hmmmm what do you do with your Mossberg? New furniture? Well, however you dress up your girl for the holidays or just around the house, one thing is for sure.  You need to look over at Streamlight to see all the goodies they have.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house, Not a Continue reading “New furniture for the Mossberg”

In the field and thirsty

Waterbladder-1Spector  makes a lot of equipment for the US Military, they modify it to be universal to suit all the units in each Military branch.  I would like to introduce you one of their hydration systems, the water bladder (hydration pouch).

This is a pouch that

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Designated Marksman Data Log Book

Expeditionary DMHave you ever wondered what is in a EDM (Expeditionary Designated Marksman) data book?  I call it my, “dope book.”  To tell you the truth, it really is the Marksman preference to what goes in his/or her data book.  One of the most important thing you need Continue reading “Designated Marksman Data Log Book”

Training – Situational Awareness -video

Watch the video without any disturbance.  Then BE HONEST with your answer.  Learn from this video!!  Ask your comments below.  I put this video here because people tend to become focus on one event instead of the big picture. Learn! Learn! LEARN!



Intro to the Bulletproof jacket in style – with videos

What the!! Every time I turn on the news, I hear of another active shoot!  I do EDC my pistol, but do I need more?  I think I do – Read below!

One thing is on my mind, and I am sure what’s Continue reading “Intro to the Bulletproof jacket in style – with videos”


A new look from Kryptek

I know you know the company Kryptek!  But do you know about how many colors they have?  Well I am trying a new color?  Want to know what it is?  Well, check out below:


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A Hammock made for Warfare

Now, are you a camper? Military? or whatever?  Well, then this is for you!  Check out our Kryptek Hammock.

It is starting to get late, and being 20 miles Continue reading “A Hammock made for Warfare”