Looking for some writers! Can you write?

military-writing-580x200Do you have what it takes to write Gear reviews? Training? or about our life style?  Are you a Military  Gunner’s Mate? EDM?Law Enforcement? Or just a Survivalist?  Any experience is wanted.  I am looking for a couple more writers out there who are willing to write at least one article a week.  Please email me only if you are serious.


What are HALO points? Sparrow Lock picks

Do you have a “Halo Point?”  Well then you need to read this and share!

Sparrow Lock picks has conveniently designed Continue reading “What are HALO points? Sparrow Lock picks”


How to trick out your rifle!

DSC_0511This is a great read!  Need to share it.

Have you ever bought a rifle from the gun store and looked it over for a couple  of days, then realized that there is something missing with your baby? Of course you have!  Well thanks to Continue reading “How to trick out your rifle!”


Can you really pack up your target stands in your car?

dsc_0003What the! Did I really just see that?  I know right!  You have to check this review out…  Remember to always share.

What am I going to do?  I just got dress in all my tactical gear and went into the garage to load Continue reading “Can you really pack up your target stands in your car?”


Ninja Sword to have in time of need

So is this the 80’s or 90’s? Is the Ninja craze over!  I think not? What people do not know is that the Ninja Continue reading “Ninja Sword to have in time of need”


Revolutionary War Sniper Daniel Morgan

This year on our Sniper Tuesday we will start from the Revolutionary War to Present.  Featuring different Snipers and what they have done.  Sit back and enjoy it!  Read below

Daniel Morgan was known for many things during the Revolutionary War.  One of the most notable Continue reading “Revolutionary War Sniper Daniel Morgan”


“Get Down!” Active shooter training

Active_shooter_1Christmas time is my favorite time of the year; I am dealing with a crowded shopping mall just like everyone else. Stresses from last minute deals the store has on gifts with the family. But all of the sudden, BAM, BAM, BAM people

Continue reading ““Get Down!” Active shooter training”


CQB Tool (Spartan Knives) in a whole new light (video)

mkiWhat do you do when all you have left is to fight your way out?  You reach for the CQB tool from Spartan Blades!  Check out this review and Share!!

Standing there, surrounded by what we call, “bad guys” and the closes person to me was pointing a Continue reading “CQB Tool (Spartan Knives) in a whole new light (video)”


M1050r LRF on deployment Part 1


photo by Luke Graham

Who is the number one in Military range finders?  Steiner that’s who!  YOU need to check out this M1050 LRF.  Read and Share it!

Blocked behind this wall, as we can still 20here gun fire coming from an unknown distance north of our position!  Our team Continue reading “M1050r LRF on deployment Part 1”

How a Navy SEAL sets up his War Belt | Duty Belt



1st Special Service Force Knife from Boker

Are you a collector?  What better way to show off your relics then to have this missing from the collection.  Get it now.  It’s July 1942, middle of a battle field Continue reading “1st Special Service Force Knife from Boker”


Combat Push Dagger from Winkler Knives

door-breaching-sailors-opt-602x292On a clear moon lite night, as I stack next to the door, on the side where the hinges are located and seeing that the door will swing inward, I was in the right position for entry into the building. Thinking to Continue reading “Combat Push Dagger from Winkler Knives”