New – “Drone Hunter” video

OMG!  You have to see this! Click to watch the video Continue reading “New – “Drone Hunter” video”


Introduction -TOPS Knives “Zero Dark 30” part 1

Ambrose-6351Do you need a knife that can do it all?  Well then TOPS Knives has the one for you!  It is called: Zero Dark Thirty!  Check out the review

As a professional Martial Artist as well as a Special Operations Tactical Knife Fighter Instructor their are Continue reading “Introduction -TOPS Knives “Zero Dark 30” part 1″


Do you go all out? During Airsoft wars

ambrose-1077This review of the Snow Wolf Custom Long Range – Sniper from Evike is amazing!  You need to read and share!

I was putting my left leg into my pant leg, still staring at the weed covered field thinking about what is going to take place in the next Continue reading “Do you go all out? During Airsoft wars”


MYFAK Medical Bag small – Living up to it’s potential

woundsAre you tiered of getting the same generic medical bag the Military gives you?  Well if you are then you need to check this article out!!  READ and SHARE.

“BANG, BANG, BANG” was the sound I heard up stairs echoing through the Continue reading “MYFAK Medical Bag small – Living up to it’s potential”

Leupold Mark 5

One of the best scopes on the market!  Check out the video



5.11 Tactical Watch (The Sentinel)


One of the best watch reviews I have read!  This is a must see.

“BANG” was the deafening sound I hear as the breacher blows the door off the hinges.  The number one man enters the room, raises his Continue reading “5.11 Tactical Watch (The Sentinel)”


Diamondback Tactical MTAC for an Airplane takedown

d7enlogu4iudhrc572emDo you own a plate carrier?  Do you own the right one?  Check out the Diamondback Tactical MTAC as it is used for the right purpose.  Read this REVIEW!!

As I sat there feeling the vibrations rattled my body sitting on this thin running board on the side of the helicopter, Chief Duerler turns around to us all in this helicopter and holds up two fingers and mouths, “two minutes!”  We all Continue reading “Diamondback Tactical MTAC for an Airplane takedown”


M4 CQB-R Airsoft AEG Rifle made for the common Battlefield

ambrose-1136Are you a Military or Law Enforcement trainer?  Well, here is the alliterative for training you have got to see! Share and like!

On a clear moon lite night, as I stack next to the door, on the side where the hinges are located Continue reading “M4 CQB-R Airsoft AEG Rifle made for the common Battlefield”


Ambushed! – AR500 Armor Plate carrier

Armor-1Driving center lane in a blacken out SUV somewhere in the Middle East. We have one SUV ahead of us and one behind us along with a couple of Humvee’s as tag along. My M4 is in my lap and a Sig Sauer P226 strapped in a thigh holster watching the streets and alleyways as we pass them. I was hearing over the radio that the cargo we Continue reading “Ambushed! – AR500 Armor Plate carrier”

How Dirty Is Sniper Training?

The name says it all!  Have fun and until next time


Are you shooting to “High?”

shooting-highOkay, here we are, out at the range and spending all this money on ammo and I am still shooting high! Why?  What can I do to correct it?  Well I can help you with Continue reading “Are you shooting to “High?””


Special Forces of the week – Egypt Special Forces