Do you fight your battles with Kryptek

tumblr_n4526dr84q1s73s0lo7_500Where do you stand when you need clothing to fight!  Well, stand back! Kryptek is on the attack!  Check this out.

Sitting on the edge of the door, feeling the wind hitting my face and hearing the roar of the engine flooding out all the other sound around me.  Knowing at any minute we were going to see the Continue reading “Do you fight your battles with Kryptek”


Training with Red (Blue) Guns

110223-N-7334G-538How do you train?  You need to see this!

Climbing up the side of this ship on a very small ladder is something I have always wanted to do.  My heart is Continue reading “Training with Red (Blue) Guns”


Pyramydair H&K MP5 K-PDW For home practice

What do you do when you feel the need to practice CQC in your house? What are you going to do?  Check this out!

Standing by the door, stacking on the side of the hinges.  All that I need to Continue reading “Pyramydair H&K MP5 K-PDW For home practice”


Fighting with GTI Blades

dsc_0158-2Have you ever heard of White River Knives?  Well, GTI sells a set to impress!  Check it out.

GTI (Gingrich Tactical Innovations) is a company that you really Continue reading “Fighting with GTI Blades”

Snipers Stalk and Kill Part 2 Sniper Tuesday

Enjoy for our Sniper Tuesday!


Do not fear the Diamondback! from Vortex

Photo by Luke Graham

Photo by Luke Graham

Now this is one heck of a review on the Diamondback Binocular!  Please read and share.

Crawling as low as I can to an area just a few more feet a head of me.  It has taken me several hours to get where I am and in the end it will be worth it.  Finally I Continue reading “Do not fear the Diamondback! from Vortex”


Ultra Phalanx Knife – Part 1 “The Intro”

Have you heard about the Treeman Combat Knives?  Well Naval Special Warfare has and maybe you need to also.  Check this out!

Some of the most important things you need to look for in a combat knife is, Continue reading “Ultra Phalanx Knife – Part 1 “The Intro””


Sniper’s Paradise

This right here is the ultimate target you can get if you are a Sniper, EDM or just a Long Range person.  Check this out!

It was 1530 hrs, the wind was at half value towards 11 o’clock and the sun was position low Continue reading “Sniper’s Paradise”


SOG – Strat OPS Automatic on the street

This is a great review on the SOG – STRAT OPS AUTOMATIC, as well as the technique using the knife!  Great Job and a Must Read!!

When you are a knife fighter like myself, the one thing you look for (if it is a folding one)in a knife, is how fast can you get it to deploy? Continue reading “SOG – Strat OPS Automatic on the street”


Carlos Hathcock’s Rifle

Welcome back to our Sniper Tuesday!  This week we will be talking about Carlos Hathcock’s rifle, the Winchester Continue reading “Carlos Hathcock’s Rifle”


The Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera

IMG_1116The Pocket FLIR Thermal Imaging camera, do you have one?  Okay all you Military and ghost hunters out there, this article review is for you!  READ and Share.

It was a moonless night out here in the Continue reading “The Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera”


Sniping 6 Taliban with one bullet

This was an unbelievable shot that needs to be told.  You must read below Continue reading “Sniping 6 Taliban with one bullet”