Rift® Family Benchmade

One thing that I think is important to say, is that you need to see this knife in action!  Read below and pick one up.

Starring at my opponent in this knife fight.  I know the only opening I gave him was to attack me on my left side.  But knowing that, it allows Continue reading “Rift® Family Benchmade”


Seeing the world through a CLEAR eye -LUCID

dscn0838Do you own your own spotting scope?  You need to check this out!  I couldn’t help myself.  READ and SHARE…..

“Man, I wish I had found this spotting scope six years ago!”  Those were the first words out of my mouth after unpacking the LUCID SC9 Compact Spotting Scope.  The scope is Continue reading “Seeing the world through a CLEAR eye -LUCID”


Can you really pack up your target stands in your car?

dsc_0003What the! Did I really just see that?  I know right!  You have to check this review out…  Remember to always share.

What am I going to do?  I just got dress in all my tactical gear and went into the garage to load Continue reading “Can you really pack up your target stands in your car?”


What are HALO points? Sparrow Lock picks

Do you have a “Halo Point?”  Well then you need to read this and share!

Sparrow Lock picks has conveniently designed Continue reading “What are HALO points? Sparrow Lock picks”


How to trick out your rifle!

DSC_0511This is a great read!  Need to share it.

Have you ever bought a rifle from the gun store and looked it over for a couple  of days, then realized that there is something missing with your baby? Of course you have!  Well thanks to Continue reading “How to trick out your rifle!”


4 Weapons I used during Operation Enduring Freedom

Operation Enduring FreedomHello all my Expeditionary Designated Marksman (EDM’s) and Gunner Mate’s!  I would like to talk about some of Continue reading “4 Weapons I used during Operation Enduring Freedom”

Snipers Stalk and Kill Part 4

Enjoy for our Sniper video!


HK Sniper rifle to the rescue

You know Pyramydair comes through again!  You need to see this:

One of the fun things I like to do from the normal day to day routine is to head out to the desert.  Why?  Head out there with a Continue reading “HK Sniper rifle to the rescue”

How a Navy SEAL sets up his Body Armor

Video Week


Do you know the Lightfield home Defender?

You know this is one awesome “TOOL” you have for your home.

It is about 0100 hrs in the morning.  My wife, family and I are sound asleep.  Suddenly I Continue reading “Do you know the Lightfield home Defender?”


SOCOM “Suppressor”

a7768d06aefc4afb25e591c76b8cd914OMG!  If you are a Gunner, then this is for you!

What is the number one coolest thing you can put on your weapon?  Yes, it is a suppressor!  When you Continue reading “SOCOM “Suppressor””


Yes! Magpul has a dope book

Did you know Magpul has a Dope (Data) book?  Last year we did Magpul’s Hunter stock for a custom made REM 700 and with ever new rifle we need to dope it out!  Check out this article.  Do not forget to share…..

Just got my NEW Hunter Continue reading “Yes! Magpul has a dope book”