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Special Forces of the week – DEVGRU video


Shooters Clothes from Vertx

One of the funniest things I like to see on the range is how people dress.  Some people color coordinate their gear and others just go to the store and buy what they can.  Me, I was in the


US Navy SEALs complain about a lack of combat rifles and ammunition

Do you think you are the only ones that can not find ammo?  Check this one out! A California Congressman has raised the issue with the Pentagon Navy SEALs – training in Mississippi – say they have insufficient weapons  (AP)


Which hood/Boonie is better for you?

As a sniper, one thing you need to have is your ghillies suit. The biggest part of that suit is the hood!  What do I mean?  Well,

Do you have the Midnight Blues? Part 1

When you are one of the top knife fighter Instructor and Military trainers, what do you do?  Well, you find a good

Impact Data Book

I know, I know whatever the reason you didn’t enter the Military and follow the dream to be a sniper.  But you do not need to worry about that.  There are plenty of professionals out there to teach civilians.  You can still live the dream, to a certain point.

Woman becomes US Navy’s first female SEAL candidate

Two women are trying out for special operations positions with the Navy Navy members Danielle Hinchliff and Anna Schnatzmeyer – not the special forces candidates – training in 2013  (AP)

How Special Forces Snipers Communicate | Sniper Spotter Dialogue

Enjoy the video!


Unique-AR custom handguards to blow you away part 1

When you are looking to build that custom rifle for the first time, where do you start?  Well, the first place I started was with


Russia to Demonstrate Active Camouflage for Soldiers, Tanks

The camouflage will turn Russian soldiers, armored vehicles into chameleons.

ZT 0350TS

The Big! The Bad! The ZT 0350TS ZT reaches out again and produces a hardy knife.  Check out the read below.


Thin Blue Line Pattern Holster

Are you a Police Officer? Deputy? Are just someone who gives a dang about how this country was founded on?  Well, when you see this holster, you will turn some heads!  Remember to always share the article. One day in Oceanside, Ca the beautiful city I live and work in, I